Terms & Conditions


In general, you can also find rental conditions::

a) Eurorent means Eurorent - GSA Engineering DOOEL Bitola, vehicle owner;
b) A mercenary - user Person or company that has rented the vehicle on a lease and has committed to pay all the costs of the lease;
c) Driver - A person who physically manages the vehicle and who is listed as a driver in the rental agreement, not everyone else has the right to drive the vehicle.

1. Vehicle management - The vehicle can be driven by persons older than 21 years who have a driving license of at least 2 years listed as drivers in the rental agreement. All other persons have no right to drive the vehicle.

2. Vehicle rental - The vehicle is taken over by the lessor by entering into a rental agreement. The signature of the agreement confirms that it agrees and accepts the general terms and conditions. By signing the vehicle condition form, he acknowledges that he has received the vehicle in proper working order with full equipment. The lessor is obliged to return the vehicle within the deadline stipulated in the contract in the business plan from which he took the vehicle.

3. For the use of accessories the lessor is obliged to pay extra cost of:
-5 Euro per day for GPS Device
-5 Euro per day per child seat
-5 Euro per day for baby seat
-30 One-time Euro for green card

4. REMINDER - The leased vehicle must not be used / used
• For paid carriage of persons and goods;
• If the contractor has given false information;
• For any competition, speed test or racing;
• Under the influence of alcohol, sedatives, narcotics, sleepers, etc. drugs.
• When the vehicle is not in an upright state or overloaded, excessive passengers or baggage, expired registration or for any reason when the vehicle is not technically correct.
• Out of categorized traffic;
• The conditions, prohibitions and recommendations regarding the use of the vehicle in certain states or regions shall be respected by the lessor and shall comply with the conditions stipulated in the contract. EURORENT disclaims liability for any loss or damage incurred by non-compliance with the above prohibitions;

5. Lessor Liability Liability - The Lessor is responsible for all damage to the vehicle, parts, accessories that are not recognized under Casco's terms and conditions. The lessee shall also be liable for damage to the vehicle, parts and accessories of improper use as well as for unauthorized replacement of parts or equipment or replacement of new parts with old or non-original parts. The lessor undertakes to settle any damages sustained outside the specified conditions upon receipt of the raccoon submitted by EURORENT

6. Deposit Request
You can pay the deposit at the beginning of the rental in the following ways
- Credit card
- Debit card
- Cash
The Leaseholder makes a deposit when concluding the Contract. Upon return of the vehicle, the deposit is refunded after deducting the amount of any damages, missing parts of the vehicle or lack of fuel in the tank.
Invoice Payment - After the lease is completed, an invoice is processed and made. The lessee is obliged to pay the invoice immediately.

7. Extending the lease - When the lessor wishes to extend the lease he must notify the business at least 1 day in advance, if he does not do so he will be deemed to have illegally appropriated the vehicle and EURORENT will report it to the police. where appropriate measures will be taken for the unlawful appropriation or theft of a vehicle (pursuant to Art.235 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Macedonia). In the event that the lessee returns the vehicle after the date specified in the contract, and during the lease the prices are changed, the new prices shall be calculated from the date the vehicle was scheduled to return unless otherwise provided by the contract.

8. Fuel - Fuel is not included in the rental price, the vehicle is leased and returned with a full fuel tank. In the event of a shortage of fuel, the lessee shall, together with an employee of Eurorent, refill the shortage at the nearest gas station and be fined 10 euros.

9. Maintenance - The lessor undertakes to take care of the vehicle and to regularly monitor the engine oil level, automatic transmission if available, coolant water, battery and proper tire pressure .. The lessor is obliged to pay for any damages caused by insufficient or negligent maintenance of the vehicle.

10. Malfunctions - Repairs or replacement of parts may only be carried out at authorized service centers with prior approval of the rules of procedure.